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Tyscor VS 4

Dental technology is following a revolutionary path

In addition to Dürr Dental‘s usual quality and reliability, the newly developed suction systems with radial technology in the Tyscor premium range are up to 50% lighter and deliver potential energy savings of up to 50%. They truly are setting standards in performance and efficiency. An electronic control system offers a new world of operational safety, scalability and adaptation to individual practice conditions.

Integrated touch display for user-friendly adjustment of operating parameters (e.g. suction power modes Eco, Balanced or Boost)

Energy saving

The radial technology of the Tyscor V and Tyscor VS units delivers outstanding performance, particularly in terms of energy consumption. Its load-dependent automatic adjustment provides constant suction at all times – and saves money in the process.


With the standard network connection, the Tyscor V and Tyscor VS are not only installed plug & play ready, but are also just as easily integrated into the digital monitoring and controlling of practice supply systems via the software. This means that staff always know the status of the devices.


With a housing made of noise-absorbing, foamed plastic and an engineering design focused on quiet running, the Tyscor V and VS are two of the quietest suction units in their class without additional sound protection.

Plug & Play

The compact and modular design not only makes commissioning and setup really easy, but also offers quick and easy maintenance. Thanks to the 230 V 1~ supply, no three phase AC current is required.

Data Tyscor VS 4
Voltage (V) 230 (1∼)
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Max. electrical output (kW) 1,3/1,4
Current consumption (A) 5,8/6,2
Number of operators 4
Dimensions without housing (H x W x D) 51 x 45 x 69
Weight without housing (kg) 24
Noise level¹ without housing [dB(A)] ca. 61/64
Noise level¹ with housing [dB(A)] -
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