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Seam sealing test: Hygopac/Hygopac View

German regulations require annual inspection (performance qualification) of all transparent sterile product packaging to ensure seal security. We provide this seam sealing test as a service feature.

Quick and easy quality confirmation

The Performance Qualification or short PQ on the one hand checks the use of the correct packaging and materials system, and on the other hand it verifies that the seal seam for tensile strength is in accordance with standard test procedures. Process validation in accordance with EN ISO 11607-2 involves the provision of objective proof that all quality requirements have been fulfilled.

Dürr Dental provides this seam sealing test for the seam sealing devices Hygopac and Hygopac View as a service feature for dental surgeries. A one-year certificate for Hygofol products is included in the scope of delivery of every new Dürr Dental Hygopac or Hygopac View. You can request a renewed quality inspection and performance qualification – an important component for your internal quality management.

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