Hygiene saves lives – Why assured infection protection is so important.

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It is our concern to support dental practices in the best possible way in ensuring reliable practice hygiene. This includes not only the provision of our premium hygiene products for various areas of application, but also the raising of awareness of possible risks and helpful application tips. Different pathogens can cause infections and thus threaten health. Due to the current spread of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 which causes the COVID-19 disease, increased hygiene standards and comprehensive measures - especially in the practice environment - must be ensured. Especially concerning the fight against the coronavirus we want to provide the best possible information surrounding the topic “hygiene in dental practices” – because hygiene saves lives!


Information about possible pathogens




  • The smallest, unicellular microorganisms
  • Multiply by division
  • Only a small proportion of them are pathogenic for humans


  • Like bacteria, fungi are a life form in their own right
  • There are also many harmless species
  • Medically relevant are fungi as pathogens of infectious diseases


  • Unlike bacteria and fungi, viruses are no living beings
  • Do not have their own metabolism and are therefore dependent on cells as hosts to reproduce


Direct means of transmission



Droplet infections

When droplets form when people sneeze, cough, or just speak, pathogens such as flu viruses can be transmitted in the air. If these pathogens penetrate the mucous membranes and multiply there, infection can occur.


The hands are the most frequent means of the transmission of pathogens, since they come into contact with patients, instruments, surfaces, and devices. Everyday actions such as shaking hands can result in infection.


Spray mist cloud

The spray mist cloud is a mixture of saliva, blood, secretions, tooth substances, dentifrice, and other particles. It is created in dental surgeries when patients are treated using powerful rotating drills in conjunction with cooling water. As a result, pathogens enter the environment during dental treatment. This often contaminates the entire room. Pathogens can enter our bodies via our skin, mucous membranes, respiratory system, or open wounds.


During treatment, surfaces are contaminated through contact with people, instruments, or the spray mist cloud. Unprotected contact with these contaminated surfaces can therefore result in infection.


Instruments come into contact with saliva and blood during treatment and are therefore contaminated with pathogens. For this reason, unprotected contact with used instruments that have not been disinfected or sterilized poses a huge risk of infection.


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Why assured infection protection is so important.

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Effective against the coronavirus

System Hygiene by DÜRR DENTAL


The ID product range is the safe and reliable way to clean and disinfect instruments by hand without damaging the materials. Together with the additional units and accessories, these products provide a complete system for every stage of the hygiene cycle.

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The FD product line really knows how to impress with its highly effective and user-friendly cleaning agents and disinfectants for surfaces of medical devices and fixtures. The concentrates, ready-to-use solutions and extensive range of wipes will make it easier for your practice team to keep on top of day-to-day hygiene.

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Skin and hands

The HD product line provides reliable protection while also looking after your skin. Careful hand cleaning and disinfection is absolutely vital. This is because your hands are the most common route of transmission for diseases. The nourishing components of the HD products also leave your skin feeling lovely and soft.

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Special areas

The Orotol®/MD product line supports a wide range of applications. For example, Orotol® plus and MD 555 cleaner can be used in combination to ensure highly efficient cleaning and disinfection of suction systems. And, of course, there are also suitable cleaning and disinfection products available for impressions and other aspects of dentistry work.

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