Because the big picture matters

Dentists always need to keep one eye on the big picture so that they can make the right decisions for the dental care for their patients. The Lunos® system understands the many individual steps in prevention and therapy for what they are: part of a bigger picture.

Step 1: Diagnostics + Consulting

VistaCam iX HD Smart provides valuable support in dental treatments and fosters patient understanding of the required treatment measures.

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Step 2: Preparatory measures, remotivation and instruction

When it comes to professional dental cleaning, dental prevention and wellness are the top priority for the patient.

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Step 3: Removal of sub- and supragingival deposits under the special aspects to be considered for the current COVID-19 pandemic

In comparison to treatment with conventional handheld instruments, machine-based techniques offer a number of advantages for prophylaxis treatments. Suitable options for this include modern ultrasound methods and powder jet units.

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Step 4: Removal of discolouration and polishing with special precautions for the current COVID-19 pandemic

Different methods are generally available for removing extrinsic discolouration and for surface polishing. They are gentle yet effective – either with powder jet methods or by polishing using suitable polishing pastes.

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Step 5: Protection and strengthening

As part of professional tooth cleaning, fluoride treatment makes a significant contribution to providing protection against caries.

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Step 6: Recall planning

After treatment, many patients will go straight back to the office. A refreshing, pre-soaked terry cloth like the Lunos® Prophylaxis wellness cloth is the ideal way for patients to clean their face after the prophylactic treatment and brings the session to a pleasant close.

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