Milestones of our history


Brothers Karl and Wilhelm Dürr from Gechingen near Calw founded a precision workshop in Stuttgart-Feuerbach.



The first milestone: The development and production of handpieces and angled instruments with water cooling enables tooth preparation with pulp protection.



The company's head office moves to Bietigheim, Etzelstraße. The first production hall is built, dental technology products are further developed.


Compressor production begins, starting with an oil-lubricated Dürr Dental compressor which drives the KaVo Air Rotor.


A glance at the price list shows the range of small treatment units, polishing and suspended motors, handpieces and contra-angled handpieces.



Dürr Dental introduces treatment whereby the dentist is seated and the patient is lying down in Europe with the mobile Orosuc unit.


The introduction of Orotol as a disinfectant for suction units gives rise to system solutions which maintain their value right across all product areas. Introduction of the first oil-free compressor for dental medicine.


A development order establishes the next successful area of business: Implementation of the first fully automated X-ray film development machine, Procomat, for Siemens – from development through to production.


Milestone for the quality of dental compressed air systems: Global introduction of dry air units to protect valuable dental instruments against oxidation and prevent the growth of bacteria in the tank.


The first separation system separates particles and solids from the air being sucked in, continuously extracts these and then activates a hydrodynamic self-cleaning function.


Simply logical, simply safe: Introduction of Dürr System Hygiene with a systematically developed range of products for disinfection, cleaning and maintenance for a specific purpose, designed for use in practices and laboratories.


The market launch of the VS 300 Combination Suction Unit celebrates the arrival of a completely new technology which, for the first time, combines a suction unit, a separating unit, and later also the amalgam separator (VSA 300), in one compact unit. In this efficient and robust unit, all systems move on one drive shaft.


"A picture says more than a thousand words." The dental video system – VistaCam – extends the diagnostics options and changes the communication between dentists and patients. The screen is displayed on the treatment unit and imaging on the PC assists diagnostics. The VistaCam thus forms the basis for the new product area for digital imaging systems.


With the introduction of VistaRay sensors, the intraoral X-ray also paves the way for the digital reading of image information, whereby exposure to radiation can be significantly reduced.


Dürr Dental presents the new Vector principle at the IDS in Cologne with live treatment demonstrations. Vector is a gentle method used for low pain treatment which targets the cause, as well as for the prophylaxis of periodontal diseases.


A new highlight in digital diagnostics: The VistaScan dental image plate scanner is introduced. Providing top image quality, it defines entirely new standards for the speed with which X-rays are read out and how they are handled.


Dürr Dental GmbH & Co. KG becomes Dürr Dental AG. The company is now led by a Board of Management: Martin Dürrstein (CEO) and Axel Schramm (Executive Vice President).


Introduction of the VistaScan Mini Plus image plate scanner. The DBSWIN imaging software displays results in outstanding quality and ensures ergonomic work processes.


Introduction of the VistaCam iX multi-head camera for diagnostics, early detection of caries and plaque visualisation. The camera not only excels in terms of functionality, it also meets all the design and ergonomics requirements.


The fully digital VistaPano S panoramic X-ray machine and the VistaIntra intraoral X-ray generator are launched. With the VistaPano S, Dürr Dental sets a new standard in the sharpness of extraoral images.


The Tyscor VS 2 radial suction unit with Tyscor Pulse software, the VistaCam iX HD intraoral multi-head camera and the VistaPano S Ceph X-ray unit are presented.


Lunos® – the premium prophylaxis system, VistaVox S – for 3D and 2D X-ray images with exceptional image quality and the Hygoclave 90 steam sterilizer with DuraSteam technology were launched on the market.


The newest generation of the software solution VistaSoft allows the integration of all Dürr Dental products into the practice network or the cloud - from supply systems to hygiene units and imaging systems. VistaSoft thereby ensures an unprecedented level of efficiency and security.

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