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For more than seven decades the name of Dürr Dental has been standing for technological advance, innovation and quality in the dental field worldwide.

Our customers can trust us to do everything to maintain this standard in the future. The familiar label "Made in Germany" which was trusted in the past as a standard symbol for quality products will no longer suffice to keep up with international competition.

In a time when the demands of the law are becoming more stringent, the enterprise as a whole has to show proof that it fulfils international quality standards.

AEO Certification

AEO Certification

Since December 22, 2010, DÜRR DENTAL SE bears the status of (Authorised Economic Operator AEO-C).

The growing globalisation and changing international safety situation have prompted the World Customs Organization (WZO) to create a worldwide foundation of conditions for a modern and effective risk management in customs administration, by establishing a "Framework of Standard to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade" (SAFE). Source:

As an AEUO-C certified enterprise, our customers benefit from the advantages of a simplified customs clearance procedure. The status of an "Authorised Economic Operator" strengthens our position as manufacturer, supplier, and moreover, a reliable, dependable and trustworthy business partner.

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