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VistaPano S

The new digital panoramic radiography device with S-Pan technology

The VistaPano S from Dürr Dental sets a new standard in sharpness of extraoral imaging. The 2D panoramic X-ray unit is also appealing because of its ease of handling and well thought-out workflow which is supported by an innovative 7” touch display. The VistaPano S owes its excellent imaging performance to two innovative technologies. First the modern CsI sensor technology which enables better image quality and, hence, significantly better diagnosis. Second the S-Pan technology which considers the individual patients anatomy and several accordingly aligned layers to create a pin sharp panoramic image at any spatial position of the tooth and jaw. The quick scan mode enables you to scan a complete OPG image of an adult in a very short time – 7 seconds only – with esspecially low dose.

This is what counts:

  • S-Pan technology for simpler diagnosis
  • CsI sensor for better image quality and reduced dose
  • Slim design, small footprint
  • Extremely fast: OPG image from 7 seconds on
  • 7” touch display for intuitive handling
  • Easy face-to-face positioning, 3 positioning lasers

The S-Pan technology in comparison: the image sections are automatically selected from a range of parallel layers, which best correspond to the patient anatomy. The result is an image of impressive clarity.

1: User support by clear signals
optical/ acoustic :
Status LED blue: Stand by
Status LED green: ready for X-ray
Status LED yellow: X-ray activ

2: S-Pan technology: Safe diagnosis due to extremely sharp images
Common digital X-ray units create panoramic images along a preset shape which follows the jaw arch of an ‘average’ human in the axial plane. This shows a layer whose position can be considered as the unfolding of a flat sheet of paper that is placed upright around this shape. This is almost always a compromise. Our S-Pan technology is completely different. Here, the image areas that match best with the actual anatomy are automatically selected from a large number of parallel layers. Together, they result in a panoramic image which represents the actual anatomy of the patient. Deviations from the ‘average dentition’ are also taken into account as well as individual inclinations of the teeth. No compromises are necessary. The result is an image of pin-point clarity. The dentist can easily identify the structures that are of interest for him. As the reconstruction is oriented to the actual position of the teeth, false positioning is ‘evened out’ to a certain extent. This saves time for the surgery and prevents the patient from taking additional X-ray images

3: CsI sensor
CsI sensor for better image quality and reduced dose

4: Easy and efficient patient positioning
The three positioning light lines mark the exact alignment of the Frankfort horizontal plane mid-sagittal plane and image layer plane. The face-to-face positioning without mirror enables a direct visual contact between therapist and patient, thus promoting the sense of well-being and hence the cooperation of the patient.

5: All functions at a glance
The intuitive 7” touch display visualises all settings quick and clearly. Handling and navigation are extremely user-friendly which leads to a smooth overall X-ray operational sequence. At the beginning, you simply select the X-ray program and the patients size – this prevents handling errors and ensures an optimal workflow.

6: Nice to have
Shelf for glasses/jewellery

7: Panorama X-ray programs
With a total of 17 X-ray programs, you are well equipped for every diagnosis. In addition to the standard panorama program, VistaPano S offers:

  • Half-side recordings of right, left and front
  • 4 child programs with smaller exposure area and lower X-ray parameters which reduces the dose by 45 – 56 % without loss of diagnostic information
  • 5 programs for orthogonal X-ray images
  • 2 programs for mandibular X-ray images (functional diagnosis)
  • 2 programs for sinus X-ray images to display paranasal sinuses

8: Always the right image size
With an image height of 150 mm, the VistaPano S displays an extended diagnosable jaw area and also the paranasal sinuses in high quality. If the child program is selected, the radiation exposure is significantly reduced due to the lower aperture as well as due to a shorter scanning time.

9: Imaging software DBSWIN for diagnostic support
The intuitively operating, network capable imaging software from Dürr Dental optimises all images automatically, saves them and makes them available at all work stations. With diagnostic-supporting digital filters, the contrast and sharpness of the X-ray images can also be edited to enable more detailed diagnoses. The software supports DICOM environments as well as the VDDS media interface. Connection to a third-party software is possible via VistaEasy, VistaConnect, ImageBridge or TWAIN. Your image data is also available on the iPad using the Dürr Dental imaging app.

10: Fits into all surgeries
The slim, delicate design of the new VistaPano S offers many placement possibilities in your surgery rooms. Thanks to its elegant eye-catching design and compact style with dimensions of just 1.0 x 2.3 x 1.5 m (W x H x D).

11: Also suitable for children or wheelchair users
Long vertical path, thus suitable for tall patients as well as for children and wheelchair users.

Technical Data VistaPano S
X-ray HV generator
Voltage, current 50 – 99 kV, 4 – 16 mA
Focal spot 0.5 mm (IEC60336)
Total filtration 2.8 mm Al eq.
Image detector
Model CsI sensor
Pixel size 100 μm
Active sensor size 6 x 150.4 mm
Frame rate 300 fps
Scan times
Scan times From 2.5 to 13.5 secs.
Panorama program scan times Panoramic X-ray image of adults in quick scan mode: 7 sec.
Magnification factor
Magnification factor 1.3
Device dimensions
Maximum height 2280 mm
Weight (without/with foot) 105/155 kg
Height adjustment range 700 mm
Width x depth x height 990 x 1220 x 2280 mm
Installation Wall mounting or foot
Electrical connection
Mains voltage 200 – 240 V AC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated power 2.2 kVA
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