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Convenient manifolds

Selective controller for large and small suction hose. Removable suction handpieces. Swivelling hose connections on the filter housing extend the range with reduced strain on the suction hoses.

  • Suction handpieces can be sterilised in the autoclave at 134°C
  • Ball joint for greater ease of operation (optional)
  • Rotary slide to interrupt the suction power at the snall suction handpiece
  • Ergonomic design thanks to the adjustable inclination of the hose holder
  • No disturbing flow noises when the suction hoses are stowed thanks to the use of special valves
  • Shortening set for individual adaptation of the hose length (optional)
  • Funnel for large suction handpiece
  • Modular design, easily expandable to include syringe holder
  • Attachment directly to the wall, optionally under the worktop with pull-out swivelling drawer



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