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V 900 S, V 1200 S

V 1200 S

For 4 operators and 6 treatment rooms.

Operators = Number of treatment stations with simultaneous operation
Rooms = Number of stations that can be connected with simultaneity factor 60%



Technical data V 1200 S
Voltage (V 3~) 400
Frequency (Hz) 50
Current consumption (A) 3.6
Power (kW) 2
Dimensions without condensate separator
(H x W x D cm)
52 x 41 x 42
Dimensions with condensate separator (H x W x D cm) 57 x 62 x 42
Dimensions with housing (H x W x D cm) 55 x 49 x 53
Vacuum (mbar) AAV 1) 170
Weight without housing (kg) 32
Weight with housing (kg) 48
Noise level 2) without housing dB(A) approx. 66
Noise level 2) with housing dB(A) approx. 59

1) AAV = auxiliary air valve
2) The noise level is influenced by the room in which the system is installed. In a reverberant room (e.g. with tiled walls) the noise level may be higher.

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