Dental care

The Vector® principle – instruments and accessories

Vector® Paro – instruments and accessories

Over 20 years ago, DÜRR DENTAL developed its unique vibration deflection and set new standards in the field of painless, minimally invasive periodontitis treatment with the Vector® System. The ultrasonic energy is diverted to the place where it is needed in a linear direction and instruments move parallel to the surface of the root. This enables vibration-free operation and means clinically efficient, non-traumatic treatment can be delivered.


Vector® Scaler – instruments and accessories

The Vector® Scaler by DÜRR DENTAL is a byword for professional and high-quality teeth cleaning. The piezo-ceramic drive allows efficient removal of deposits while providing the best and gentlest possible protection of sensitive tissue structures. Particularly slender instruments for supragingival and subgingival treatment enable efficient but gentle plaque removal. In addition to the modern and timeless unit design and the ergonomic Scaler handpiece, six powerful LEDs, connected in parallel, ensure the best possible lighting – even in areas that are hard to see. The sterilisable light conductors combine a long service life with excellent cost-effectiveness.