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Lunos® Prophy Paste Two in One

The innovative two-in-one solution: removes discolouration and polishes in one. Saves time while being thorough and gentle on tooth substance.

Continuously decreasing abrasiveness of the paste thanks to self-reducing polishing particles.

  • Can be used for all treatment needs as part of professional treatment measures
  • Effective cleaning and polishing thanks to an innovative system of abrasive and polishing agents. Hydroxyapatite supports remineralization
  • gentle on tooth substance, RDA 28*
  • Mint flavour additionally contains sodium fluoride
Flavour Sales unit Art. no.
Neutral 1x 100 g CPZ710A1901
Orange 1x 100 g CPZ720A1901
Mint 1x 100 g CPZ730A1901

*Please observe the operating instructions!

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