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Lunos® Prophy Powder Perio Combi

For subgingival and supragingival cleaning. Ideal for recall.
Removes biofilm quickly, effectively, thoroughly and yet gently.

Innovative abrasive agent trehalose:

      • Grain size approx. 30 μm
      • Best cleaning properties with maximum surface protection
      • Slightly sweet flavour
      • Does not irritate mucous membranes
      • Leads to a decline in periodontal inflammation and thus to a reduction in periodontal pockets*

Best water solubility:

      • No powder residues are left in the patient‘s mouth
      • Protects the suction unit

Ergonomic bottle with a single-hand flip-spout cap:

Flavour Sales unit Art. no.
Neutral 4x 100 g CPZ640A1950

* See the study undertaken at the University of Freiburg: „Trehalose powder for subgingival instrumentation in maintenance therapy“ by Kruse, Akakpo, Maamar, Al-Ahmad, Woelber, Vach, Ratka-Krueger

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