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Speicherfolien- und Filmhaltesystem Set Color

Image Plate and Film Holder System Set Color

Right angle-/ Paralleling Technique applies standards to the roentgenographic diagnosis
The Image Plate and Film Holder System Set Color instrument sets together with a long cone (rectangular- or round type) constitute the implementation of the Right angle- / Paralleling Technique in x-ray diagnosis. The special stepped design of the newly developed RWT Color aiming rings enables an easy and safe aiming of the long cone. The rings are universally suitable for all current x-ray units (e.g. VistaIntra, Dürr Dental etc.). Thus allowing that the x-ray beam is directed perpendicular to the recording plane of the chosen medium which has been positioned parallel to the long axis of the tooth.

This is what counts:

  • Stabilization of the film and protection against deformation
  • Exact and reproducable positioning of the film and/or memory foil
  • Only little assistance of the patient is necessary
  • Distortion free and fully detailed radiographs
  • Easy handling
  • Significantly improved radiation protection due to aiming ring with lead window
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