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Hygiene schützt Leben

Hygiene saves lives - Why assured infection protection is so important.

We at DÜRR DENTAL are global hygiene specialists. It is our concern to support dental practices in the best possible way in ensuring reliable practice hygiene. This includes not only the provision of our premium hygiene products for various areas of application, but also the raising of awareness of possible risks and helpful application tips.

Different pathogens can cause infections and thus threaten health. Due to the current spread of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 which causes the COVID-19 disease, increased hygiene standards and comprehensive measures - especially in the practice environment - must be ensured.

Especially concerning the fight against the coronavirus we want to provide the best possible information surrounding the topic “hygiene in dental practices” – because hygiene saves lives!


1. Information on possible pathogens
2. Dangers in dental practices and possible transmission routes
3. Video-Tips on practice hygiene
4. System Hygiene from DÜRR DENTAL
5. FAQ - Important information on the current situation
6. You need more information on hygiene topics? We are there for you!

Information about possible pathogens


  • the smallest, unicellular microorganisms
  • Multiply by division
  • Only a small proportion of them are pathogenic for humans


  • Like bacteria, fungi are a life form in their own right
  • There are also many harmless species
  • Medically relevant are fungi as pathogens of infectious diseases


  • Unlike bacteria and fungi, viruses are no living beings
  • Do not have their own metabolism and are therefore dependent on cells as hosts to reproduce



Direct means of transmission


Droplet infections

When droplets form when people sneeze, cough, or just speak, pathogens such as flu viruses can be transmitted in the air. If these pathogens penetrate the mucous membranes and multiply there, infection can occur.



The hands are the most frequent means of the transmission of pathogens, since they come into contact with patients, instruments, surfaces, and devices. Everyday actions such as shaking hands can result in infection.

Spray mist cloud

Spray mist cloud

The spray mist cloud is a mixture of saliva, blood, secretions, tooth substances, dentifrice, and other particles. It is created in dental surgeries when patients are treated using powerful rotating drills in conjunction with cooling water. As a result, pathogens enter the environment during dental treatment. This often contaminates the entire room. Pathogens can enter our bodies via our skin, mucous membranes, respiratory system, or open wounds.



During treatment, surfaces are contaminated through contact with people, instruments, or the spray mist cloud. Unprotected contact with these contaminated surfaces can therefore result in infection.



Instruments come into contact with saliva and blood during treatment and are therefore contaminated with pathogens. For this reason, unprotected contact with used instruments that have not been disinfected or sterilized poses a huge risk of infection.

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Hygiene saves lives:
Why assured infection protection is so important.

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System-Hygiene from Dürr Dental

System Hygiene by DÜRR DENTAL

When it comes to infection protection, disinfection, and cleaning, nothing should be left to chance. For this reason, back in 1965 DÜRR DENTAL developed Orotol – the first disinfectant for suction systems. This marked the start of the continual development of our competence in the field of hygiene. Today, dental surgeries all around the world place their trust in the comprehensive System Hygiene by DÜRR DENTAL. For more than 30 years, the logical four-colour coding system for surface disinfection, hand disinfection, instrument disinfection and special areas has been making dental surgeries a safer place to be. Its reliable efficacy has been tested, it is easy to use, and the products are perfectly tailored to compliment each other. In short, this is the best system for hygiene at your surgery – Made in Germany.

Surface Disinfection

Surface Disinfection

Our products for Surface Disinfection in the form of wipes, concentrates and working solutions are characterized by short application times and high material compatibility. Above all, our ready-to-use wipes are quickly ready for use and enable you to carry out safe and time-saving surface disinfection before and after each treatment.

Hand Disinfection

Hand disinfection

Hand disinfection is essentiell - not only in dental practices. Our HD 410** hand disinfection was specially developed for frequent and gentle use. It works quickly and comprehensively. At the same time it cares for stressed skin and prevents inflammation.

Instrument Disinfection

Instrument Disinfection

DÜRR DENTAL uses aldehyde-free, non-fixing and modern combinations of active ingredients for the disinfection and cleaning of general, surgical and sensitive instruments. These ensure that the instruments are disinfected in a very gentle way while maintaining an extraordinary cleaning effect.

In combination with the cleaning and disinfection products from DÜRR DENTAL, we can offer you a variety of innovative technical system solutions with which the daily hygiene and reprocessing measures in the dental practice can be carried out highly efficiently and with the best results.

Special Areas

Special Areas

Suction system disinfection
Orotol® plus is the most widely used disinfectant worldwide. The reasons are obvious: easy to use, broad spectrum of activity, high material compatibility. dissolves biofilm and prevents siltation caused by blood and proteins and provides reliable protection against infection.

Impressions and dental technical work
The Hygojet is a disinfection and cleaning sheath for impressions and prosthetic work which helps to prevent prevents cross-infections. In combination with the highly effective, formaldehyde-free working solution of the MD 520 Impression Disinfection, technology and chemistry form a perfect symbiosis.

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FAQ - Important information on the current situation

How can one protect oneself against infection with the novel coronavirus, influenza and respiratory diseases?

The rules for coughing and sneezing should be followed. Good hand hygiene and sufficient distance from a sick person (approx. 1 - 2 metres) also protect against transmission of the novel coronavirus. Shaking hands should be avoided.

Which DÜRR DENTAL products are effective against the novel corona virus SARS-CoV-2?

All disinfectants from DÜRR DENTAL inactivate the coronavirus. It is an enveloped virus which is inactivated with a limited virucidal effect of the disinfectant. Not a big challenge for a good disinfectant, but as soon as the virus enters the body, no disinfectant will help. Therefore, the prophylactic, correct application of the disinfectant plays a central role.

We recommend products with at least the "limited virucidal" range of action. This includes all fully virucidal products.



    Skin and Hands

    Special Areas



    Is DÜRR DENTAL currently able to deliver?

    At the moment almost all DÜRR DENTAL hygiene products are available at the dental trade. In order to meet the increasing demand for disinfectants, we have ramped up our production and are now working in a multi-shift operation. Nevertheless, there may be delayed deliveries of individual disinfectants at the moment. It is important for DÜRR DENTAL to ensure a reliable supply of hygiene products in the future. We are therefore doing everything to reliably cover the increased demand for disinfectants and hygiene products. Deliveries of our disinfectants are handled as usual by our dealers. If you have any questions about current stocks, please contact your local dealer.

    Are there currently limited quantities per customer due to the high demand?

    No, we want to continue to be a reliable partner for our customers. Therefore we have not changed any conditions. The only measure we had to take – due to the high demand – is that we have temporarily only filled in large and medium-sized containers in order to be able to deliver faster.

    Where can I find more Information on the current situation?

    For detailed information we recommend the website of the Robert Koch institute::

    You need more information on hygiene topics? We are there for you!

    Hygiene schützt Leben

    Hygiene saves lives
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    **Fields of application:
    Hygienic and surgical hand disinfection. Contraindications: HD 410 is not suitable for disinfection of mucous membranes and for application on injured skin. In case of hypersensitivity to a of the ingredients HD 410 must not be used. side effects: Frequent use in particular may cause skin irritation such as dry skin. Precautionary measures/warnings: Flammable. From Keep ignition sources away. Observe application instructions and safety rules for alcoholic disinfectants. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Any decanting may only be carried out under aseptic conditions (sterile bench). take place. Notes: Store at room temperature. Protect from heat, light and moisture. Store drugs out of reach of children. The medicinal product should not be used after the expiry date. Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur and manufacturer: orochemie GmbH + Co KG, Max-Planck-Str. 27, 70806 Kornwestheim. Co-distribution: Dürr Dental SE, Höpfigheimer Str. 17, 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen
    The recommendations for our preparations are based on detailed internal and external scientific studies and are given in all conscience. Our liability in this respect is assessed according to our "General sales and marketing Delivery conditions", which can be requested from us at any time. 

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