Step 1: Diagnostics + Consulting

VistaCam iX HD Smart – The new, improved optics it delivers crystal clear and high contrast images

VistaCam iX HD Smart provides valuable support in dental treatments and fosters patient understanding of the required treatment measures. The camera system will provide you with reliable support – both in the diagnosis and early detection of caries, as well as in plaque visualisation.


Easy communication during professional dental cleaning

You can offer patients a graphic illustration of where more thorough cleaning is necessary. Thanks to the fluorescence technology, all you need to do to visualise the deposits is to use the Proof interchangeable head; there is no need for dental dye tablets or rinsing solutions. With the aid of ‘before’ and ‘after’ images you can also highlight the importance and added value of professional dental cleaning to your patients.
The multi head camera system is a real asset to any practice, both in patient communication and in diagnostic support.


With the premium “Lunos®” brand, Dürr Dental has developed a very sophisticated series that finds a high level of acceptance with patients with regard to taste as well as being user-friendly for you, the prophylaxis specialists. The range of products and the co-ordinated prophylaxis work processes are a convincing team.”

Anne Bastek

dental hygienist, practice Dr. Hoffmann and Dr. Glinz, Mauer, Germany

“It’s everything a dental hygienist could wish for! For a dental prophylaxis procedure to be personal, appropriate, expedient and as pleasant as possible an experience for both patient and therapist, we need prophylaxis equipment that is designed to assist us in our day-to-day work in the practice. That’s why I, as a practising dental hygienist, never want to be without the Lunos® product series.”

Sabrina Dogan

Practice Dr. Hoffmann and Dr. Glinz, Mauer, Germany

Further Steps

Step 2: Preparatory measures, remotivation and instruction

When it comes to professional dental cleaning, dental prevention and wellness are the top priority for the patient.


Step 3: Removal of sub- and supragingival deposits

Compared to treatment with classic handheld instruments, machine-based techniques offer several advantages for prophylaxis treatments.


Step 4: Removal of discolouration and polishing

Different methods are generally available for removing extrinsic discolouration and for surface polishing.


Step 5: Protection and strengthening

As part of professional tooth cleaning, fluoride treatment makes a significant contribution to providing protection against caries.


Step 6: Recall planning

A refreshing, pre-soaked terry cloth like the Lunos® Prophylaxis wellness cloth brings the session to a pleasant close.