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Hygoclave 90

Hygoclave 90 with DuraSteam technologythe first of a new era

Its key features are reliability and impressively fast cycle times, combined with high energyeffi ciency. This is achieved by the perfect combination and precise interaction of a steamcondenser, three-cylinder vacuum pump, heat pipe, welded valve seats and 2400 wattstrong heating power.

  • Fast sterilisation cycle (Universal-Program 134 °C / 5,5 min. from 12 min.)
  • Low water- and energy consumption
  • High sterilisation safety thanks to a strong and quickly established vacuum (high condensation rate)
  • Approval incl. all relevant parameters directly at the device by signature
  • Saves over 10,000 cycles incl. approval in the unit
  • Logs can be directly saved as PDFs without a PC connection
  • Calendar function for down-to-the-minute planning of the in-, out- and pre-heating times for the entire week
  • Connection to Tyscor Pulse and third party suppliers
  • Easy and fast maintenance
  • High loading capacity (up to 10 kg when using sterile containers)

More about Hygoclave 90

Hygoclave 90 Anwendung
Hygoclave 90 Anwendung
Hygoclave 90 Anwendung

Components of the DuraSteam Technology

  • Complete heat pipe double chamber for uniform heating of the sterilization chamber.
  • Coupled to it, high-performance steam generator for rapid process times and excellent drying.
  • Stainless steel design throughout with the valve bodies welded directly to the chambers reduces the number of potential leakage sites and eliminates ion carryover.
  • Three-cylinder membrane pump and steam condenser for a very good venting capacity and therefore for optimal sterilisation and drying results.
Program Operating time Drying Load Test Type
Universal 134 °C
5,5 min/12 - 21 min*
16 min For 6 kg of instruments or 2 kg of textiles, in single and multiple packaging. For 10 kg with container loading.** Helix-Test B
Quick 134 °C
5,5 min/10,5 - 15 min*
10,5 min For instruments up to 1.5 kg single packaging or 6 kg unpackaged. Helix-Test B
Gentle 121 °C
20,5 min/26 - 39 min*
16 min For 6 kg of instruments or 2 kg of textiles, in single and multiple packaging, especially for sterilisation items. Helix-Test B
Prion 134 °C
20 min/26 - 35 min*
16 min For 6 kg of instruments or 2 kg of textiles, in single and multiple packaging, especially in cases of suspected infection with prions. For 10 kg with container loading.** Helix-Test B

* Without drying, minimum – maximum operating time, dependent on load and installation conditions (e.g. mains voltage, room climate).

** Tested with sterile containers made of aluminium and each with two permanent filters (one in the lid and one in the base tray). Weight includes sterile containers and accompanying inserts.

Voltage 230 V 50 Hz
Dimensions (H x B x T): 47,5 cm x 54 cm x 52 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Chamber volume: 19 l
Internal dimensions, useable volume (∅ x T): 26 cm x 35 cm
Ambient operational temperature: 15 – 35 °C
Maximum power consumption: 2600 W
Maximum number of trays: 6
Maximum load solid: 6 kg (10 kg for containers)
Maximum load porous: 2 kg
Maximum load container 65 mm: 3
Noise level*: <65 dB(A)
Fresh water and waste water tank volume: 4,5 l
Meets the guidelines and standards: 93/42/EWG (Klasse IIb), EN 13060:2015, EN 61010-1, EN 61010-2-040, EN 61326-1

* In accordance with EN ISO 1680 Airborne Noise Emissions; measured in a sound-insulated room.