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Aerosol reduction & Adapter 11 to 16 mm

Aerosol Reduction

The Y-Adapter was developed especially for users working alone without assistance and therefore need a hands-free suction solution. The purpose of the Y-adapter is to reduce aerosols during dental treatments, especially with high-speed instruments, when using intraoral spray mist suction is not possible (only working with a saliva ejector). The Y-Adapter is available in two versions (∅ 11 mm or ∅16 mm).

The included Aerosol cannula and a flexible saliva ejector are attached to one suction hose using the Y-Adapter. The saliva ejector is positioned in the oral cavity. The Aerosol cannula hanging on the side of the mouth reduces aerosols.

Adapter 11 to 16 mm

By sealing the opening for the saliva ejector with the included plug, an adapter is created to connect all 16 mm cannulas from Dürr Dental to 11 mm suction handpieces.

The Y-Adapter can be reprocessed according to its reprocessing information.

Versions and Accessories

  • Y-Adapter Set, ∅11 mm (Order number 7600010040)
  • Y-Adapter Set, ∅16 mm (Order number 7600010060)
  • Aerosol Cannula, ∅16 mm, pack of 4 (Order number 0700-058-50)
  • Plug for Y-Adapter, ∅11 mm (Order number 7600010042)
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