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The Dürr Dental Hotline

Our hotline is located at our headquarters in Bietigheim-Bissingen. All our hotline staff are specialists with much experience as service technicians in the field. The immediate proximity of our hotline workers to the development and repair departments means that they can access expert advice tailored to your needs – quickly and free-of-charge. All available at the usual phone rates.


Professional support.

Expert.  All Dürr Dental Hotline employees will offer you assistance and guidance based on their specialist knowledge. They have generally worked as field service technicians for years and know the equipment inside out. Whether you have dental practice supply systems or imaging units, you can be sure that you will speak to an employee who is very familiar with the matter in hand.

Local.  Our hotline is located at our main offices in Bietigheim-Bissingen in south-western Germany. As they work in very close proximity to the workshop and Development Team, our hotline employees can always take a look at the device in question or ask a colleague for a second opinion.

Partnership-oriented.  If you contact us to ask a question, we will give you an answer that you will understand and that‘s a promise. We regard dental practices as partners and explain technical matters clearly and in a transparent way. We will also gladly give you guidance on how to use our products to ensure they are operated safely.

Service-oriented.  Our hotline advisory service is free for our customers. You only pay the normal telephone rates.

Online Service.  Our online service offers you the option of easy-to-use remote diagnosis and maintenance for a large number of Dürr Dental software applications. More information.


Hotline Conventional Products:

+49 (0)7142 / 705-480

Hotline Digital Products:
+49 (0)7142 / 705-161

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