Hygiene – surfaces

Surfaces – concentrates and ready-to-use solutions

Cleaning, disinfection and care products – for gleaming surfaces and maximum safety

The special procedures at dental practices cause aerosols to form and this inevitably means that the surfaces of equipment, devices and furniture could all potentially be contaminated. When disinfecting surfaces, it is particularly important to use a safe and fast-acting product that dries without leaving any residues behind. This speed is a feature of all DÜRR DENTAL products, which is – of course – combined with powerful virucidal properties. One of the key advantages of DÜRR DENTAL products is that they balance uncompromising effectiveness with gentle surface cleaning.

Surface disinfection

Concentrated alcohol-free products for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and equipment.

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Quick-acting disinfection

Fast-acting, ready-to-use solutions for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces of medical devices and fixtures.

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Cleaning fluid for deep cleaning and care of vinyl upholstery.

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This is what matters

Fast reaction times and quick drying


High material compatibility ensures lasting retention of value


High-yield, easy-to-use concentrates


The right solution for every application

All surface disinfection wipes. Alcohol-free, alcohol-based or dry

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